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Self Healing Workshop

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Yes! Only $29 USD per month

Cancel anytime

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Access to our Community

Recorded content and support material

Help and advice

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Sign up NOW and join our GROUP

Sign up NOW and join our GROUP

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If you have concerns about learning to heal yourself, if you have already started your awakening and want to continue working.

If you want to learn how to raise your consciousness, this group is for you.

Group workshop that includes videos, tutorials, guides, support and a community.

The cost is monthly, you can cancel whenever you want.

Cesar is a teacher, guide and expert who has helped more than 4,000 people in different countries.

For the first time, he has created a group workshop where he can help you continue with your process.

Every month there will be new content, guides, videos and support material.

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Work 15 minutes a day

The real game changer is when you work in small amounts, apply them to your daily life, and create a domino effect.

A profound change generated by small daily changes.

We will help you change your life, your emotions, your feelings and your problems with small daily workshops.

Ideal for:

People who have started their healing process and wish to work more deeply

People who wish to continue working with the Alkimiya group

People who have concerns about healing and do not know how

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Start your awakening with 10 MIN A DAY


The Harmonious and Alkimiya Offer

Different workshops for personal spiritual growth

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Cesar Blanco


Shaman, healer and guide. He has helped over 4,000 people start their healing process.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Does the program include access to a consultant?

Yes, you have access to an advisor who will constantly help you so that you can continue to grow step by step.

Is it virtual or in person?

The program is online

Do I receive help if I have any questions?

Of course. You can contact us by email for any questions.

Do I have any program you can follow?

Yes, each training program has its corresponding follow-up program so you can't miss anything.

Is the cost monthly or yearly?

The workshop is a membership in which you will work with the sacred alkimiya team month after month. You can cancel anytime you want.

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